Pogoda w Olderdalen


From Sunday afternoon increasing southwest severe gale force 9 to occasionally storm force 10, with local strong gust 30-40 m/s. Strongest wind expected Sunday evening and early Monday morning. Decreasing wind early Monday morning.
 Larger loose items may be taken by the wind. Risk of damage to buildings and infrastructure. Cancelled departures for ferry, plane, or other transport expected. Bridges may be closed. Many journeys may have longer travel times. Blowing snow at higher altitudes causes reduced visibility and possibly convoys and/or closed roads. High waves may cause damage to infrastructure and buildings in the coastal zone. The strong wind may cause locally high waves in fjords and lakes.
Secure all loose objects. Avoid exposed places. Allow a lot of extra time for transportation and driving. Consider whether the journey is necessary. Follow advice and check status from transport operators. Check road reports (175.no). Be careful in coastal areas. In advance consider measures to limit damage.


From Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon it is expected 20-40 cm snow.
 Local driving conditions may become difficult. Blowing snow causes reduced visibility and possibly convoys and/or closed roads.
Allow some extra time for transportation and driving. Use tires fit for winter conditions and use caution while driving.


Water discharge is expected to increase because of rain and snowmelt. This may cause local inundation where river channels are filled with ice and because of frozen ground. It also may cause ice drift in streams, with subsequent local inundation. Local flooding and erosion damage. Large amounts of rain are expected in the warning area.
 Situation that requires vigilance and may cause local damages
Stay informed on the situation. Secure and/or move assets away from vulnerable areas (car, caravan along rivers/streams, basements). Cleaning of drainage paths and culverts is recommended. Keep away from rivers and streams with high flow.


Pogoda w Olderdalen

-1 °C

Wiatr 35 km/h

Ciśnienie powietrza

Wschód słońca
Zachód słońca
Długość dnia

Na dzień

982.2 hPa

3 h 34 min

24/01 3:00 am

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